Diet and Exercise !!! Miracle if they are together

The body, as a whole, is affected by excess weight and in most individual the effect is mostly detrimental. More specifically, these blogs which are given below aim to identify the role of insulin resistance within obese populations as well as assessing the effect of exercise on insulin sensitivity among different populations.


Big Diabetes Study Ended Because Exercise And Diet Didn’t Do 

The study randomly assigned 5,145 overweight or obese people with Type 2 diabetes to either a rigorous diet and exercise regimen or to sessions in which they got general health information. The diet involved 1,200 to 1,500 

Exercise and Diet Myths, Busted! | 88DB Lifestyle Singapore

Get your fitness facts straight as we separate truth from fiction on some of the biggest myths in terms of exercising. You will be surprised…

Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss –

Two new studies look at the irksome question of why so many of us who work out remain so heavy. Read more…

Diet and Exercise | Stumbling Gracefully


 Diet and Exercise. I was still super down in the dumps yesterday. I’m hoping it’s just PMS as my period was supposed to rear its ugly head. Of course it didn’t, whi


Beyonce’s Diet and Exercise Routine |

In fact, when she debuted her postbaby body at a concert just a few months after Blue’s birth last year, she even acknowledged how hard she’s been sticking to her strict diet and exercise regime. “I had to lose 60 means my cycle is still out of whack as tomorrow is 15DPO

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